Recap02-06 TechnoLust VR Meetup Another One

Trailer: Gallery 6 Elements

GDC 2015: HTC Vive (Tested)

GDC 2015: Impressions (Tested)

GDC 2015: John Carmack

Video: Super GDC VR PunchOut

GDC 2015: Valve VR Demo (IGN)

PodCast: Reverend Kyle GDC Day 1 & 2

Reverend Kyle VR

GDC Recap Day 2

StitcherRoad to VR


Reverend Kyle VR

GDC Recap Day 1

StitcherRoad to VR


GDC 2015: Unity 5 Launch Trailer

Kickstarter: Apollo 11 VR Experience

Update #8: Working Hard

Posted by David Whelan

Hi All
We just wanted to give you a quick update on our progress. We had planned to release a minor update this week with our new retro media room but have decided to hold off and release a larger update that will include the 60's Retro Room and the new detailed 3D modeled Command Module cockpit. We are also going to try out best to include animated astronauts in the next update if time allows as we want to release the new demo before the end of our Kickstarter campaign ( Only 10 days to go !!!).
Again we want to thank all of you for your support and we love reading all your comments and messages of support[...]



GDC 2015: Loading Human (Untold Games)

GDC 2015: Project Morpheus (Gamespot)

PodCast: 3 Bens in VR #6

3 Bens


From GDC! Valve and VR: This is going to get weird
The Three Bens, together at GDC? It must be time for new VR hardware? The Three Bens discuss Valve, Vive and ... swimming pools?

Hosts: Ben Lang, Ben Gilbert and Ben Kuchera



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