Oculus Share Update 31.10.


  • Virtual home
  • Swivel Gun! VR Log Ride (beta)
  • Reflection Manager
  • Trick or Treat VR
  • Pangenesis
  • The Hermit
  • Desert Traffic Racer Motor
  • lift by VirtualWay
  • Super Mario 64 castle.
  • Discovering Space - DEMO
  • A Halloween Night
  • 11:57:00
  • Toy Ninja VR
  • Private Showroom by Codazen
  • Pixel Rift Halloween Special


  • Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor
  • 4089: Ghost Within
  • Second Life
  • Star Hill VR
  • Project TimeTravel
  • TRON: Light Cycles
  • Crashed Lander
  • The Apparition Within The Rift
  • Territory Defense
  • Banshee Chapter: Oculus Rift Edition

Oculus Share



Demo: Lift by VirtualWay

VirtualWay treats the phobia of people through the virtual environment.
VirtualWay created the lift as an experiment to collect data from people with or without fear of heights. The idea is to develop a software to treat people who are afraid of situations with heights through the virtual reality. This lift is not a game but an instrument to understand how people experience their anxiety in virtual reality.


PodCast: Reverend Kyle #83

Crystal Rift with Developers Jon Hibbins and Nick Pittom
Road to VR


Demo: Mazer Quest (Leap)

Let me know what you think. I wanted to make something that was fun to play and experience at the same time. Since I am new to game development I thought I would start with a puzzle like game, thus, MAZERQUEST was born! Download and enjoy the Alpha Demo!!!
You will need a leap motion in order to get passed the obstacles!
Good luck!
Have Fun!

Direct Download

Demo: Lollipop VR (NSFW)

"Eve's moonlight strip is a VR strip. Our model Eva will dance for you in a relaxing scenario. Can be seen with and without a Oculus Rift DK2!"

Buy 7,47€

Oculus Connect All Videos

Die Videos der Oculus Connect sind nun online!


Demo: Stage Harbor Lighthouse

Relax on the beach at Stage Harbor lighthouse in Cape Cod Massachusetts.


Demo: Trampolake

Jump and bounce on trampolines. Try to reach the highest trampoline at the mountain's summit.
Don't miss a trampoline otherwise you will have to restart at the beginning!


Kickstarter: Nimble Sense VR

Nimble Sense is a breakthrough depth sensing camera that captures your hands for VR input. Optimized for the Oculus Rift, but flexible.


PodCast: Voices of VR #86

Danfung Dennis on developing the language of cinematic VR with the 360-degree, Zero Point experience
Voices of VR


Demo: Close Encounter

2 minute demo of a mother ship landing at Devil's Tower, Wyoming, USA.


Teaser: Dino Safari

Kickstarter: Dexmo Exoskelett

Dexmo: an affordable mechanical exoskeleton system with force feedback for you to touch the digital world and captures your hand motion.


Mod: Bass Shaker Chair

Bass Shaker Mod für den Schreibtischstuhl.


Demo: Affected

Affected offers a new level of immersion for gamers, heightened feelings of tension and more importantly, unprecedented levels of fear. The Oculus Rift has ushered in a new paradigm in gaming and as a result, a new paradigm in which to experience the ultimate in scare factors. There are no puzzles to solve, no coins to collect, just three nightmares for you to stumble through…but can you make it to the end in one piece!