Recap02-06 TechnoLust VR Meetup Another One

E3 2015: This is Only a Test (Tested)

E3 2015: CV1 HandsOn (Tested)

E3 2015: StarVR & Walking Dead (High5)

E3 2015: StarVR (StarBreeze)

E3 2015: Oculus Touch Thoughts (Tested)

E3 2015: Trailer Summer Lesson

E3 2015: VR Overview (ETC News)

E3 2015: Interview Palmer Luckey (IGN)

E3 2015: CV1 Hands-On (TheVerge)

VR Talk Show: Gunters Universe #10

A VR discussion/entertainment show hosted and attended in virtual reality. Both guests and audience members come from all over the world to meet in VR for a social experience like none other. Join us in studio and learn from the best and brightest developers/personalities in virtual reality.
GU goes LIVE from VRChat every Tuesday @ 9:30 EDT / 6:30pm PDT / GMT - 4:00


PodCast: Is This Real Life?



Input has always been a challenge in virtual reality. As it has been said, input is hard. There have been many different devices that have shown some promise. From an xbox gampad to the razer hydra but now we finally have an answer from Oculus.Today on the show Reverend Kyle joins us again to talk about the recent Oculus Live event and Oculus Touch.




E3 2015: Microsoft Hololens & Minecraft

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