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Today on the show we talk with Manuel of ImmersiON VRelia.

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VR-Dings #42: World of Comenius

VR Nerds

Deal: Toybox Turbos 7,49€

Steam: 10,04€

Oculus Share Update 18.12.

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  • BlazeRush Oculus Demo
  • Brunelleschi
  • Celestial Song - Angel of the Earth
  • ELLE: Jacquie Lee Photo Shoot
  • Eve Starmap VR
  • Iceland
  • Le Musée Imaginaire
  • Nightmare Island
  • Picard's Quarters
  • R5's Heart Made Up On You (VR)
  • The Hobbit VR Experience
  • Track n' Die!!
  • Vox Machinae
  • VR Photo
  • Will_of_Creativity


  • AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaCULUS!!!
  • AirDrift
  • Ambient Flight
  • Elevator Horror
  • Faceted Flight
  • Kaiju Fury: Trailer
  • Paul McCartney Preview
  • Pixel Rift
  • Territory Defense
  • The Black Mass Experience
  • The Mission: Trailer

Oculus Share

eVRydayVR: Darknet (Gear VR)


Demo: VRTron

Based on the classic 1982 film and the open-source game GLTron 0.70, VRTron is a port of the iconic light cycle arena game to the Oculus Rift. Source code is licensed under GPLv2 and can be found at https://bitbucket.org/blitter/vrtron
Included in this archive is the standard VRTron game along with a collection of many third-party artpacks and music for the original GLTron, gathered from various locations on the Internet. Also included is a copy of the controller-mapping software JoyToKey and a profile specifically for use with VRTron and an Xbox 360 controller.



Demo: Kinesis (Leap Motion)

Kinesis is a first-person game for the Oculus Rift DK2 and Leap Motion, where the player has various telekinetic powers to use on advancing enemies.

  • Push: pushes enemies outwards within a cone (push hand outwards)
  • Pull: pulls enemies in within a cone (pull hand inwards)
  • Lift: lifts the target enemy and others in a small radius into the air (look at enemy to target, then lift hand upwards)
  • Grab: grabs the enemy by the throat, you can move the target around and smash it into other enemies (look at enemy to target, then quickly make a fist)
  • Lightning: zaps enemies you point it at within a short range. Requires lightning charge to use (from a relaxed position, point your hand forward and splay your fingers quickly)


Demo: Ruins of the American Flat Mill

The American Flat Mill operated from 1922-1926 and has been a ruin, and popular graffiti destination, ever since. It is now (12/14) being demolished. But we have preserved it in virtual reality. The completed project will have more than 120 VR nodes. This one, reduced in resolution for the Oculus, is one of my favorites.


Demo: All In Virtual and Vielca

This is an architectural demo from All In Virtual (AIV), in collaboration with cut-out studio.
It is a design from Vielca engineers from a Unitec project, adapted and optimized to virtual reality by AIV.


Demo: Project Podracing

A simply race simulation with hovercraft vehicles.


VR-Test #08: Elite Dangerous


Demo: VR 3D Gallery

The VR 3D Gallery is designed to show some of the brilliant models by talented 3D artists in games and movies in a virtual reality environment.