Recap02-06 TechnoLust Another One Another One 

HTC Vive erst 2016

Scheinbar wird das HTC Vive erst im ersten Quartal 2016 für Consumer verfügbar sein.
Der Marktstart im Herbst 2015 ist voraussichtlich Entwicklern und ausgesuchte Kooperationspartner vorbehalten.


Steam: CAT Interstellar (Early Access)


Steam: Time Machine VR (Early Access)

Steam Early Access 10,04€

DK2: Nighttime Terror

Nighttime Terror gibt es für kurze Zeit zum kostenlosen Download!


Demo: Titans of Space 1.8


Changelog for v1.70c -> v1.8:

  • SDK: Updated to be compatible with Runtime or newer.
  • Improvement: All text is easier to read.
  • Improvement: English font has been changed to allow for lowercase text.
  • Improvement: New "smooth movement" option offers smoother flight paths. On by default.
  • Improvement: Mirror mode is no longer stereoscopic.
  • Improvement: Internet-enabled, and will grab updates to text and translations as needed over WiFi only. (Privacy policy can be found below.) Runs fine without internet access.
  • Language: Greek has been added.
  • Content: Adjusted most planets and moons.
  • Content: Updated Ceres using Dawn mission imagery.
  • Content: Updated Pluto system using New Horizons mission imagery.
  • Content: Some additional information texts have been updated.
  • Cleanup: Microphone features removed.
  • Cleanup: Some options reorganized, some locked down as they can no longer be toggled with newer SDK.
  • Feature: Many new command-line options have been added.
  • Various other updates.


Oculus Runtime Update

OculusVR hat die neue 0.7-Beta Runtime veröffentlicht!

  • Die aktuellsten ATI/NVidia Treiber werden benötigt!
  • Neuer Direct Driver Mode
  • Mehr Stabilität & Performance
  • Kein Extended Mode mehr
  • keine Kompatibilität zu 0.5 / älter
  • Vorläufiger W10 Support

OculusVR, Patchnotes


VR Nerds TV #014: Distance


News: Lunar Flight Update


Lunar Flight /w Full DK2 Support!

  • Input Fixes - Changed so Rewired settings to allow for more than 1 controller assignment. This should hopefully allow almost any number of devices to be plugged in and as long as you have one configured it should work e.g. XBox controllers. Custom mappings should also save & load correctly. I also fixed the Submit (A) button on the Mission Debriefing Window.

  • Cockpit Shadow Jitter - I've tweaked some settings to give a nice increase in shadow resolution whilst also almost eliminating the horrible jitter.

  • Occlusion Culling Optimised - I rebaked all the Occlusion data with a higher level of accuracy. Should see a small general performance increase and no more terrain disappearing when EVA. The previous bake was a little too conservative.

  • Lens Flares - All lens flares have been updated so that they no longer have any concentric rings. There is now a single glare flare.



Hands On: Real Virtuality (Tested)

Demo: Ela Darling (NSFW)

Freie NSFW 3D Scan Demo von Ela!

VR Tube

VR News Show (Wolfsuka)


Hands On: HTC Vive (ValveTime )

PodCast: Left Handed VR #40




Recorded on 2015-08-13

In our fortieth episode, we celebrate Left-Handers Day and talk about Time Clickers, new phones from Samsung, Meta, OSVR, Virvana Totem, Jason is going to Oculus Connect 2, Boston VR Dev meetup, MergeVR, Gameface, Nvidia buys Ouya, Matt buys a new video card, USB type C, Windows 10, crowdfunding, I Expect You To Die, 360 videos, Metal Gear Solid, Magic Circle, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Batman, Steam Greenlight, Colosse, and some general PC tech



Video: What is VR?

Enter The

PodCast: Reverend Kyle #108

Reverend Kyle VR



Cosmo Scharf, a good friend of the Rev VR Podcast, returns once again to talk about all of the exciting VR events happening in Los Angeles this year. With the VRLA Summer Expo and the second annual Proto Awards just around the corner, the VRLA team has a full lineup of VR to share with us.

StitcherRoad to VR



OculusVR on Times Cover (Pat the NES Punk)

Preview: Planets Alpha (HTC Vive)

VR Weekly #005 (VRNerds)


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