Oculus Connect: Zeitplan (De)

Hier der Zeitplan für die Oculus Connect Konferenz.
Die Konferenz wird auf Twitch gestreamt, leider können nicht alle Vorträge gleichzeitig gestreamt werden.
Die fehlenden werden aber per Video nachgereicht!
Die komplette Übersicht mit deutschen Zeiten findet Ihr hinter dem Weiterlesen!


Allgemein: Downsampling

Ein detaillierter Artikel zum Thema Downsampling. Für alle interessant, die die Qualität im DK2 steigern wollen!


Demo: Dream Flight

Fly in a fantasy World full of mysteries. Experience an incredible sense of freedom. Tested by real pilots and felt for awesome. Relax and enjoy.


Demo: Saul Sheard`s Weird Place

A demo for DK2 with a slightly abstract world. Exploring sculpture and architecture in the situation of a sculpture park. Showing off Saul Sheards assets and also some of his ex students work from Chesterfield College. Abstract face sculpture by Corrine Look. Werewolf monster by Lewis Hegarty. Aircraft fuselage by Jack Cowley. Thanks to Unity, Chesterfield College, Oculus Rift.


Preview: Race Room Experience


Demo: WorldMap XI (by Drash)

WorldMap XI builds on overall concepts introduced in Bestiary XI, and adds the following:

  • An interactive "world map" that allows you to travel from place to place.
  • Each place is represented by an abstract environment.
  • A few more monsters. Not too many, I had a lot more in here, but scaled it way back.
  • Ability to move around. For the adventurous with VR legs, you're free to walk around among the creatures.
  • See what it's like to be your favorite FFXI race by adopting a new height and IPD.



Kickstarter: AirVR (iPad HMD)

The AirVR is a new kind of virtual reality headset that leverages iOS Retina hardware already in millions of peoples’ hands.


PodCast: EnterVR #2014-09-17

On today’s show I speak with James Blaha and Manish Gupta from Apollo VR. Manish and James are working on a virtual reality game that could potentially eradicate Amblyopia (lazy eye) and Strabismus (crossed eye) forever. Here is a preview of some of the things we



Demo: TimeRifters

Time Rifters DK2 Demo gives you one arena and two lives with pre-selected weapons and upgrades; how many enemies can you destroy in this single player co-op shooter?
The DK2 Demo includes multiple control schemes (head aim, decouple pitch, keyhole snap and Hydras) and render modes (3D, 3D/2D Mix and 2D), as well as lots of options (mirror, low persistence, camera bounds, vsync, time warp, anti-aliasing and render size).



PodCast: Left Handed VR #8 + #9

With coznefx, holotape, and apieceoffruit.
In our ninth episode, Matt gets his DK2 and we talk about GearVR, Virtual Desktop, consoles, and kickstarters.


With coznefx, holotape, and apieceoffruit
In our eighth episode, we talk about HL2 VR, consoles, anime, Connect predictions, DK2 annoyances, and smartwatches.



Demo: Omnipresence

Omnipresence is a short, unsettling experience for Oculus Rift.


Oculus Share Update 16.09.


  • Zombeeze
  • Hydra Cover Shooter Warehouse Level
  • Omnipresence
  • Dream Flight
  • Toy Ninja
  • The Midway Oasis
  • Saul Sheard's Weird Place


  • Experience/Japan
  • Nekolus - Cats in the Rift
  • Whirligig Publisher - Player
  • Project TimeTravel
  • Outerra World Tech Demo
  • Synergy
  • SightLine: The Chair
  • Kira
  • Star Conflict
  • The Basement.
  • Hitchhiker
  • Super Mega Mega
  • Titans of Space
  • Time Rifters


Kickstarter: Totem VR HMD

Ziel sind $350.000, die Kampagne geht bis zum 15. Oktober.

"The Totem is a premium Virtual Reality (VR) headset with features that have never been seen before. It connects to any HDMI source (computer, console, Blu-ray, tablet, etc.) that plays Side-by-Side (SbS) 3D video or games, making it an investment compatible with more than one single platform. What makes the Totem so exciting, aside from its no compromise full HD resolution OLED display and wide field-of-view, is its outstanding user experience, onboard cameras and built-in acceleration."


Homepagegolem, Road to VR, Gamespot

Demo: Titans of Space 1.56

Update auf Version 1.56. Changelog hinter dem "Weiterlesen Button".



Kickstarter: Albino Lullaby

Albino Lullaby is a first-person horror adventure game set in a dark and fun subterranean world waiting to be explored. VR Compatible!