Demo: LMD

LMD is a procedurally generated low poly world. Every time you run the app (or reach the end) you are teleported to a new world. Each world contains 3 distortion points; balls of glowing light that have unique, unusual effects on you. The world also has living inhabitants.


eVRydayVR über DK1/DK2 FOV & Unwarp Filter

Demo: Black Hat Oculus

Black Hat Oculus is a cooperative Oculus Rift game. One player is in the Rift and has to navigate their way through a maze, optionally gathering treasure along the way. However, there are threats unseen. Invisible timed laser traps, trap doors, enemies waiting in're going to need some help to get through this maze. That's where the coop comes in. One player plays out of the Rift, and has an overhead view of the map, where they can see their friend in the maze, as well as the traps that the other player can't see. They have to work together to get through the maze.


Oculus Connect: RedOfPaws Video Diary

Demo: Vitreous Tank VR

Version 1.1

  • Added pitch and roll indicator
  • Lowered minimap screencapture resolution to 512x512 (fixes screen capture problems)
  • Slightly changed the neutral/reset position of the camera
  • Interior Monitor now has no AR equivalent anymore (was anoying)
  • Stronger handbrake
  • Starting position nearer to lake with the UFO (until there is more content on the way)
  • Changed the native resolution to 1920x1080 to fix problems on Optimus Laptops
  • Added the optional DirectX files installer to the setup - take care to uncheck the Microsoft Bing Bar option, if you don't like it.


Demo: Nekolus - Cats in the Rift

Nekolus is an application to play with cute cats in your OculusRift!
You can throw a ball or wave a foxtail.
Haptic feedback is supported with XInput Gamepad.


Demo: DCOC Prepar3D

DCOCv2 is the second version of DCOC, a plugin which allows you to use Prepar3D with the Oculus Rift DK2.


Kickstarter: FaceVR

The About Face system is an ergonomic accessory for the Oculus Rift (DK1 & 2) that upgrades cleanliness and comfort in virtual reality.


Kickstarter: Darkfield VR

Space is more fun with friends! Darkfield is a mission driven CO-OP space dogfighting game with support for the Oculus Rift.


PodCast: Left Handed VR #11

With coznefx, holotape, and apieceoffruit
In our eleventh episode we talk about Oculus Connect, the Proto Awards, and the NVidia 900 series graphics cards release.



Demo: Radial-G

Update Version 1.4

  • Oculus Rift DK1 & DK2 support
  • Direct to Rift
  • Rift VR menus
  • Virtual on-screen keyboard
  • Windows PC support


Vireio v 2.0.4 Alpha 2

Vireio Update auf Version Alpha 2

  • On-screen FPS and Frame Timing counters - Push SHIFT+F or F9 
  • Toggle Positional Tracking (SHIFT + P)
  • Positional Tracking Menu - Movement scale can now be altered (Access from Brassa Menu)
  • Splash Screen - Visible for 10 seconds at start of game, includes version number
  • Added HMD stats (HMD Type / orientation / position / VRBoost) - Push SHIFT+S or F10
  • Toast Notification when toggling functions (turn Positional tracking on and off to see, works for all toggles)
  • Notifications on error situations (no HMD, user outside of positional tracking zone, VRBoost failure)
  • DK2 users will be asked to "calibrate" the HMD for positional tracking once the splash screen has been dismissed
  • Previous changes broke tracking for other trackers, should now be fixed (though have no way to verify)
  • Fixed distortion on Screen View mode (Distortion will now be focused on the area of the screen you are looking at). This may look a bit odd in game but this mode is focussed on 2d menu display, which should not look correct). We may add a future mathematical feature to project the viewport onto a 2d plane and distort that).



Oculus Rift DK2 Holder

$20 in Schwarz, $25 in Farbe


Kickstarter: Flagship

Flagship is a single player real-time strategy game set on a galactic scale, played from a first person perspective.
Inspired by great RTS titles such as Homeworld, Sins of a Solar Empire and Total Annihilation, and incorporating the capital ship combat of sci-fi classics such as Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica, Flagship will allow you to command a fleet from the bridge of your own starship. Explore the stars, expand your territory and save humanity from being wiped out in a hostile galaxy.



Demo: Endless Reach VR

Update auf Version 2.3

  • Updates to Oculus SDK 0.4.2
  • Level 3 - The Spiral Downs has been added.
  • A new enemy type has been added.
  • A new turret type has been added.
  • Limit Break Chaining has been added. A countdown timer will now appear on the HUD to notify the remaining duration of a Limit Break. Collect another blue orb before the overload begins to reset the countdown timer and extend the Limit Break duration.
  • HMD Orientation can now be reset manually at any time by pressing the "Back" button on the gamepad.
  • Turret lasers now have a mid-beam energy pulse that dictates the hazardous point along it's path.
  • Fixed a bug where the targeting reticles on Boss01 - Aern and Boss02 - Celestial Archon would appear in the incorrect positions.