Demo: VR Space Tunnel

Press X to reset the calibration. Press R to reset Oculus Rift orientation.
Press SPACE to start when the line is over the green line.
At game-over, SPACE to restart. Look on the left to check your highscore.


Demo: Fun House Ride

This ride was very much influenced by the film Batman Forever (1995) with music being used from the film for educational purposes only.


PodCast: A16z

Virtual reality (VR) — and augmented reality (AR) — seem to be everywhere these days, showing up in demos and offerings from the world’s biggest gadget makers to the Hollywood, gaming, and media crowds.


Demo: Hypnagogia

Hypnagogia is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. Mental phenomena that occur during this "threshold consciousness" phase include lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis.In this state, the only thing you can do is wait and endure.



Demo: Brickstatic VR

It's always the same old, same old.. until you add an extra dimension. Keep the ball in play and destroy all the bricks in this fast paced, visually stunning, 3D game. Collect gems, earn extra lives and see just how far you can get. Will you get the high score? How many rounds can you make it?


Demo: Baldakinen - Archviz demo

In this specific project we are using the DK2 and various software to explore the use of VR as aid in the design process of a house that currently only exists on the drawing board.


VR News Recap 01 / 2015

A lot of interesting things happened during Januar 2015. There was CES, the Global Game Jam, lots of Demos, some Kickstarter Campaigns and more! So I decided to make a raw overview of the past few weeks.

But first I'd like to say Big Thanks to "Is this Real Life - The Pure VR PodCast!", the "UK Rifter - Your VR Guide", Nathie and TheFitzZZ for supporting! I really appreciate this! Keep up the good work!

So... let's get some content in here.


Kickstarter: Dark Deception (Relaunch)

Ever dreamed of playing a really awesome horror maze runner? A game where you are chased by horrifying monsters through realistic looking environments? So have we and that is exactly what we set out to create! The big difference being that we wanted to create a game that has a story arc, RPG elements, different enemies, and a larger world that contains various different horror environments.

$3,162 / $15,000
3 days to go


CES 2015: Whirlwind Tour of VR/AR (Road to VR)

Kickstarter: TechnoLust Beta 4.4

TechnoLust Update

  • A few placeholder NPCs and a new Photoscan test.
  • Title Screen / Save system MURC system (Visit phone booths to save and fast travel)
  • Added more 3D positional audio from Realspace3D 
  • Lots of tweaks and optimizations The Wastelands (Incomplete) 
  • The Abandoned Android Factory (Incomplete)
  • Needful Things - Shop on Mitnik Ave. (Incomplete)
  • Amity's Apartment - From the hallway after the first area 
  • More Music from Crushfield 
  • Beginnings of Kickstarter backer rewards

Es gibt ebenso eine neue Demo, allerdings nur für Backer! Checkt eure E-Mails!

Ihr könnt nicht warten? Holt euch den Beta Access bei trycelery (25 CAD)


PodCast: 3 Bens in VR #0

Ben Gilbert(Engadget), Ben Kuchera(Polygon) und Ben Lang(Road to VR).

MP3, Road to VR, engadget

OculusVR Movie: Lost


OculusVR hat das Oculus Story Studio vorgestellt. Dieses arbeitet an Filmen, speziell für VR.
Ein Kurzfilm wurde jetzt vorgestellt: Lost.

The Verge, The Verge Review, engadget, TechCrunch