Demo: Polarsea 360

Immerse yourself in the world's first 360° documentary film that explores the drastically changing Arctic landscape as seen through the eyes of the Inuit.


VR Dings #38: Affected

PodCast: EnterVR #2014-11-26

Create Virtual Reality inside of virtual Realtiy with Jono Forbes



Demo: TNG Engineering

TNG Engineering – DK2 is a simple non-interactive scene depicting the Main Engineering bay of the NCC 1701-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation.   


Deal: Toybox Turbos 10,04€

VR Support kommt im Dezember.
Dank an VR-Dings für diesen Deal!

Steam: 10,04€

PodCast: ITRL

Project Beyond, Fish Bowl VR, 28 Days in VR & More Magic Leap



FEEDBACK with Reverend Kyle #3




DE: Samstagnacht 3 Uhr



VR Dings #38: Alien Makeout Simulator

VR Game Manager

Update v2.0.5442.18588:

  • Two Themes to choose from now (Light and Dark)
  • Title Bar removed to make it look prettier
  • Minor Bug fixes


Oculus Share Update 25.11.



  • Valiant
  • VRChat
  • EarthVR-MMO
  • The Neon Museum
  • Combat Helicopter VR
  • Motorbike
  • The Generation That Nobody Remembered: A VR Pop Single by The Indelicates


  • MazerQuest - Escape the Envasion v.04
  • Dream Flight
  • Endless Reach
  • 3D Parking Simulator
  • Desert Traffic Racer Motorbike
  • AirDrift
  • LeapDesk
  • Swivel Gun! VR Log Ride (beta)
  • Time 2 Amaze
  • Balancer Rift
  • Spindrift
  • Territory Defense
  • Minecrift
  • The Well DK2
  • VR Ski Jump
  • VR soumatou
  • xevilous
  • Cineveo VR Cinema
  • Time Rifters


Kor-FX: Unboxing

Leap Motion: Update v 2.2.0

What's New

  • Users must update their Leap Motion service to version 2.2.0+ to run applications built with the 2.2.0 SDK (not applicable to JavaScript apps)
  • If necessary, users are prompted to update when launching a v2.2.0 app
  • Optimized the amount of CPU used in apps that use image-passthrough
  • Fix for Leap service not working on some installs (Error 1053)
  • Fix for a rare hang when exiting an app and switching between apps
  • Fixed defunct processes on Linux
  • In the Mac SDK, the version of libLeap.dylib found in the SDK lib folder is compiled against libc++ rather than against libstdc++ by default

Known Issues (VR Beta)

  • Applications using the Image API must link with updated DLLs from SDK 2.1.2 or higher.
  • Applications using the Image API should update to 2.2.0 to improve performance
  • The latest version of the Oculus firmware limits bandwidth for the DK2’s built-in USB port, which harms the controller’s performance. For now, we recommend using the free cable extender bundled with the mount to connect the controller directly to the computer.
  • Tracking performance may degrade when closely facing large reflective surfaces like white walls or infrared-reflective curtains. (This is a broader issue with V2 tracking that we’re constantly improving on.)
  • Tracking degrades when arms are held directly away from the body (i.e. elbows straight).
  • Some poses are not currently tracked reliably in head-mounted display (HMD) mode (e.g. pinch/rotate, 3- and 4-finger poses).
  • Minimized or out-of-focus applications using the HMD policy flag can affect the service state. Close such programs before switching back to non-VR apps.

Known Issues (General)

  • Secure Websocket on Firefox requires Firefox version 32 or higher
  • In order for Secure Websocket to work on Firefox, please close Firefox prior to installing 2.2.0 or close and relaunch it after installing to pick up the changes
  • In some situations when it appears the Leap Service is not running, it is stuck in a loop consuming a full core's CPU. When this happens, simply restart the service
  • Applications built with SDK 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 must update DLLs to 2.2.0
  • Avast! Antivirus can interfere with Leap Motion Service installation (disable shields to work around)
  • Secure WebSocket (TLS) on Linux Chrome requires running with --ignore-certificate-errors (caution: this also affects non-WebSocket services)
  • Chrome on Windows 7 sometimes fails to respond to emulated touch points – to fix this, click inside the program with a mouse
  • JavaScript client library and WebSocket protocol do not support setting gesture parameters
  • The sphereRadius and sphereCenter functions of the Hand class are unstable when the hand is fully open
  • Tracking quality is lower when making a fist or with only one finger extended
  • Tracking may not work as well with bracelets, rings, watches, sleeves, etc.
  • A tap gesture may register when a small circle gesture is made
  • Linux does not support background apps or onFocus callbacks

Hompage, reddit

PodCast: Reverend Kyle #85

Rev VR Podcast (Ep.85): FEEDBACK With Rev. Kyle - New Talk Show in Riftmax Theater This episode of the Rev VR Podcast is actually the audio rip from episode 3 of "FEEDBACK With Rev. Kyle", a new live talk show that is done from within the Riftmax Theater and streamed each Friday evening. What do you think?



Demo: Combat Helicopter VR


Kickstarter: Affected

“Affected - The Cabin” plans to build on the success of Affected and bring the Ultimate Horror Experience to the world of VR.