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Demo: Back to the Future

You made it!
The year is 1955, you just came back from the date November 12, 1955 (the date the Clock Tower was struck by lightning) but after you went into time, you went back two whole days to be exact. Explore the Hill Valley Set days before the Famous Clock Tower meets it's last tick!


Demo: Invasion 2012

Invasion 2012 is a look and choose, point and click Adventure RPG
The game features an epic storymode, and a fully controllable Multiplayer, with VR Class!!


Demo: WatermelonAttack

Platform game in person.
Try to get to the top avoiding watermelons.
You can shoot so you do not kill.
Have fun.


PodCast: Reverend Kyle #98

Reverend Kyle VR


It has been a while since the guys from Kite & Lightning have been on the show, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been pumping out some amazing things since we last spoke. Ikrima takes some time out of his busy day to discuss their latest projects, and the current news in VR.

StitcherRoad to VR



Demo: EvadeVR

This is the alpha of a VR fighting demo I have been working on called EvadeVR. It's more of a proof-of-concept training tool than a game, although I may add game features later. In the demo you have an opponent in front of you that throws punches and kicks, and you must evade the strikes by slipping or ducking them. I got the idea because I used to train martial arts and boxing as a teenager and it was difficult for me to get people to stand there and throw punches at me so I could practice slipping. Back then there was nothing like the Kinect so it was not an easy thing to automate, but now with the positional tracking of the DK2 that has changed.


Demo: Archena Ancient Baths

In this VR simulation you are able to visit Archena ancient baths, where waters are used for both preventive and curative purposes since 2000 years ago.


Tested: The Virtual Minute - This Is Only a Test

This week, Will, Norm, and Jeremy discuss the latest in virtual reality news, YouTube's Twitch competitor, Fantastical 2's high price, the PS4 update that adds suspend and resume, and that badass TIE Fighter animated short. Enjoy!

Demo: Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic period, 231.4 million years ago, and were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for 135 million years, from the beginning of the Jurassic (about 201 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous (66 million years ago).


Oculus Runtime Update

New Features

Oculus SDK

Updated LibOVR to rely on a runtime-installed DLL for better forward compatibility and delivery of bug fixes.
Introduced a four-digit runtime versioning scheme: PRODUCT#.MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (e.g. The last three digits of the scheme map philosophically to Semantic Versioning.
Added OpenGL support to OculusRoomTiny.
Introduced OculusRoomTiny_Advanced, which supports more SDK features and toggles.
Improved DK2 headset USB sleep management on Windows 8.1.
Updated the Oculus Configuration Utility to display headset status and diagnostic messages. Users can now view firmware version and serial numbers by hovering over the device image.



Added OVRManager.eyeTextureAntiAliasing to control scene antialiasing separately from distortion antialiasing.
Exposed left and right eye Cameras as properties in OVRCameraRig.
Fixed virtualTextureScale for dynamic resolution scaling.
Added OVRCameraRig.UpdatedAnchors event to allow immediate handling and post-processing of tracking updates.
Added TrackingSpace GameObject between OVRCameraRig and eye anchors to allow custom reset and rig movement behavior.
Fixed Xbox 360/Xbox One gamepad support on Mac.
Replaced the Tuscany demo with a simple scene called Room to simplify the core integration download.
Removed the dead OVRVisionGuide script.
Made minor API cleanups to prevent invalid configurations.
Made various stability improvements.


Emart: Insurgent Shattered Reality

Oculus Share


VR-Dings | 72 | Colonist A514

Demo: A Taste of the new Millenium

It's easy to take the properties of modern VR headsets for granted. Detractors of virtual reality point to the failed VR boom of the 1990s as an example of why VR is a gimmick, but few have actually tried the old tech first-hand.


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