Oculus Rift Demo CTIA 2014

Kurzes Video von der CTIA 2014

Demo: VR Flocking (Leap Motion)

Swim among the fish! Hold your hands still to attract the fish, move them quickly to scare them away.


Demo: Blockput Rift



PodCast: Left Handed VR #5

With coznefx, holotape, apieceoffruit, and gunter.
In our fifth episode, we talk about Reddit flair, Riftmax with DK2 support, Elite Dangerous, and old favorite games now in VR.


Kickstarter: Dread

Inspired by fast-paced, dungeon crawler classics Doom and Wolfenstein, Dread is a beautifully hand-crafted dungeon crawler, filled with endless secrets and epic boss fights.


Kickstarter: Black Hat Oculus

Black Hat Oculus is a 2-player cooperative stealth game. Play as Hammer in the oculus rift or on a computer. Sneak past agents, avoid traps, and discover secrets. Or play as Spice. Use your hacking skills to disable enemies, unlock doors, and more.


Cymatic Bruce Sunday Stream #31


On the Menu:

  • First Try - SciFi Exploration
  • Kuma's Festival Marksman - Carnival shooter
  • Dark Deception - Horror Action RPG
  • Impossible Breakfast Simulator - Cereal and Milk
  • Anarchy Arcade - Immersive Multimedia Desktop
  • Riftmax Theater - Immersive 4D Theater
  • Summit X Snowboarding - Snowboarding in VR
  • DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) World - Intense Flight Sim


Demo: An Italian Showroom

This Tech demo has been made for a company specialized in interior doors;
A White limbo where you can walk around a showroom, stop in front of a door, open up the menu and personalize your favorite colour and style, browsing between an actual collection made by the "Bertolotto porte" company.
The Demo has two different scenes with different doors style: "wood" and "glass"
press Space bar to enter in the sub-limbo section and look at the door handle, it will move you to the selected scene.


Alien Isolation: Doch noch im Rift?

Ein aktueller Bericht sagt, dass der Rift Support bei Alien Isolation noch nicht ganz vom Tisch ist. Die Entwickler wissen aber noch nicht wie, bzw. ob sich das Rift vernünftig implementieren lässt.



Demo: First Try

First Try is a a little experiment that offers you to walk in a narrow cave and then going out to explore a big sci-fi landscape. You have to find a little robot near the pyramid outside and there is 3 kind of spiders in the game : 2 species in the cave (6 + 2), and one other outside (one giant).


Demo: A Saddle Fish

Flying over a mountain on your wooden fish, spear in hand you’re ready for a duel to the death. Saddle Fish is a two player game where one must impale the other to become queen of this virtual valley.
Hit the opposing player 3 times to win.
A 2 player VR experience. Perfect for LAN parties! Bring your Rifts to a friend's house! Shout and scream at one another as you duel it out to the death! ^^


Steam: Ghostship Aftermath

Ghostship Aftermath ist bei Steam für 19,99€ veröffentlicht worden!

"Ghostship Aftermath - the game which takes SURVIVAL HORROR to a new level with some rogue-like elements. Ghostship Aftermath is a HUGE open world, sci-fi action-adventure with random events and multiple story-lines. No two games will ever be the same. Your survival skills will be put to the test! every time you board, the Ghostship!"

Auf der eigenen Homepage gibt es bis zum 19.09. 33% Rabatt! DK2 Support ist geplant, sobald die UE Integration einwandfrei funktioniert.

Steam, Homepage


Unity Version 4.5.4

Update auf Version 4.5. 


  • 450+ Fixes
  • 2D physics makeover
  • Update to the shader compiler
  • Improved MonoBehaviour serialization
  • iOS support for OpenGL ES 3.0
  • Read on for the full list of new features and updates.


PodCast: Reverend Kyle #79


Another Perspective on Gear VR from Nateight and Apieceoffruit

Road to VR