Mod: DK2 Linsen aus B mach A

VR Gear hat einen Mod vorgestellt, mit denen ihr eure B Linsen in A Linsen verwandeln könnt. Die Linsen sind technisch gleich, nur der Abstand der Linsen zum Display unterscheidet sich. Mittels 3D Drucker lassen sich Adapter drucken, welche die B Linsen damit in A Linsen verwandeln! Diese Formen könnt ihr auf für rund 12 € bestellen.


Demo: Doomsday Engine

Plug in Oculus Rift.
Launch Doomsday and a game. Doomsday should detect that you have the HMD connected and switch to Oculus Rift VR rendering mode. Setting up gamepad bindings is recommended, including ones for game menu navigation (they are all in the Controls menu).
Click on Apply Rift Settings in the 3D & VR Settings dialog. This will configure things like HUD graphics size and head bobbing.Reset your head tracking while standing up to fully match the pose of the Doom Guy.
The Apply Desktop Settings button will restore desktop default settings.


Demo: Matrix VR

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself"

Step into the Construct and listen as Morpheus explains the truth about the Matrix and the world that you know. Then try out some of the most famous scenes recreated in VR: the Jump Program, the Rooftop BulletTime Dodge, and the Final Hallway.


Demo: Star Hill VR

This demo will appeal most to fellow fans of the game. However, even if you have never played Super Mario RPG, you may still enjoy this! You won't understand some of the references, but the environment in the demo is very unique compared to other demos you may have tried, so I welcome you to give it a shot regardless! (I welcome you to get the original SNES game as well, if you enjoy this demo. It is considered by many to be one of the best games (and RPG's) of all time. You can get it as a Virtual Console title from Nintendo)


Demo: MineCrift 1.7.3

- Supports Minecraft 1.7.10
- Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 support via Oculus SDK 0.4.1.
- Built on top of Optifine 1.7.10 HD U A4 - please donate and click on a few ads HERE, it's a great mod!
- DK2 positional head tracking fully supported!


Demo: Moon Jump

The position tracking data from DK2 is used to control character movement. The game is best played standing up where you bend your knees and jump to control the jump of the in-game character (you can also use the spacebar if you are on a DK1). IK is used to map your real-life leg movements to the character.


Demo: Dreams before Dawn

This is a FREE Beta 0.1 version of DREAMS BEFORE DAWN. It is a 20 minute dream-like VR experience. You will need as much power as possible. Use Extended Mode, the “Q” and “E” keys to turn to observe the environment from a different perspective. Go with the flow, move your head gently. The journey is a loop. After a short break it will start again, but the sound track will be offset for a slightly different experience. Enjoy the journey.


News: Lunar Flight DK2 Support

Der Entwickler von Lunar Flight hat gerade eine neue Info zum Update veröffentlicht. Einige Probleme wurden gelöst, an anderen arbeitet er noch.
Zeithorizont: einige Wochen.

"Hi guys,

So now that the ZVR Apocalypse Kick Starter is underway I have a little bit of time to turn my attention to getting DK2 Support into Lunar Flight.

If you read my original update I mentioned I had trouble with the position tracking stability. Thankfully with the latest SDK and Drivers this problem seems to have been resolved (HOORAY!). However there are still additional problems holding off a release.

Lunar Flight uses a camera layering system to deal with ZBuffer depth artefacts. There still doesn't seem to be a reliable solution to get this to work with the latest SDK. There has been some progress but there are still problems and I have to date not been able to get an acceptable implementation that doesn't have issues.

I am going to continue to look into this issue and hopefully with the help of a few people smarter than me we might be able to get a release out near the end of this week.

Thanks again for your patience... and please go and check out the ZVR Apocalypse Kick Starter if you haven't already, we came out strong thanks to a lot of you guys but have flatlined over the last 2 days. Hopefully we'll see some press coverage in the coming weeks."


Leap Motion: Intro to VR

Ein neues Video zum Leap Motion Tracker:


Demo: Half Life VR 1.4

Der Half Life 2 VR Mod wurde upgedated:

  • Episode 1 and Episode 2 are now playable start to finish
  • Adjusted the calibration positions due to the interference between the DK2 and the controllers
  • Bigger + higher magnification on crossbow scope since you can't get it right up to your eye before things start to jump around.
  • Fixed Ladders
  • Fixed Laser sight
  • Fixed Errant RPG tracking
  • You can now sprint during the intro since people kept thinking this was broken. Given how much slower the walk speed is it helps quite a bit on the rooftop chase scene.
  • Pistol clip ejection isn't sideways

Direct Download, reddit


Demo: Volcano Rush

Dare to risk your life when you travel through the unsafe, unsound, and uncertain environment that predated the human race. Engrossed with the man-eating T-Rex that attempts to eat anything that enters his lair! Hold on to your seat, this is a breathe taking experience that users have literally screamed to "Stop the Ride" and have fallen out of their seats.


Demo: Xevilous

This is vertical shooter for oculus.
This is lilke xevious.


Cymatic Bruce Sunday VR Show 22 Uhr

Heute Abend, 22 Uhr: Cymatic Bruce Sunday VR Show!

On the menu:, reddit

Demo: Rose: Time Apart

Abandoned for nearly 30 years, the house on the edge of Aevus street has long been the center of local myth
and legend. The mystery surrounding the death of Gilda Gudjonsen, and the disappearance of her husband
Henry has caused many to believe that something sinister lurks behind the fence with the aging "keep out" sign...

Download, Kickstarter

Demo: Pyramid on Mars

1. Demo von vrtraider: 

"When I first ordered the DK2 it was just for playing games, I did not even think that I will ever actually produce anything that runs on the Oculus headset. As I as watching everyone on this board create all kinds of awesome demos for the DK2 I started to wonder, did I have it in me to actually make anything? I started investigating how the whole process worked and I soon started to experiment and tinker around with Unity and some 3D modeling software, that was 3 weeks ago. Today I present to you my first VR demo, Pyramid on MARS!"